our company

our company

The firm was founded in 1990 and specializes in the field of architectural design and construction of buildings, covering a wide range of services including architectural studies, construction and site supervision, implementation studies, restorations and renovations of homes or retail spaces.

Real estate development continues to be the most important part of the company and remains a key driver to its growth.

The evolution of the construction industry worldwide, encourages the company to apply new practices and methods to its projects and introduce new materials and applications. In recent years, in combination with the inclusion of new projects in its portfolio, the company has introduced contemporary applications in its projects, such as the automation of buildings or new forms of energy consumption. This fact places the company among the pioneers in the field and defines the new orientation we need to follow and defend in the coming years.

In our corporate philosophy, the needs and requirements of each user are central. At the same time, the interaction of the new construction with the architectural traditional elements of a place and the natural environment as well as the utilization of advanced technical solutions with economic and environmental benefits, shape the way of conception, design and implementation of each project.

Regardless of the scale, in terms of execution of a project, the challenge remains just as great, always aiming at its delivery in a responsible way and consistency of a perfect aesthetic and functional result.

growth & investments

Over the last 10 years, our service portfolio has grown significantly marking a new era to our success.

The continuous acquisition of experience through new methods of design and construction of buildings as well as the unique collaborations with companies that develop construction protocols of low to zero energy consumption, results in the improvement of our company's competitive advantage in the wider market.

In addition, collaborations are underway with factories producing specialized building materials, which will allow our company reduce construction costs while improving the quality of the final result.

01. real estate

With an average annual increase of 14% in turnover, real estate investments increased by 60%. At the same time, we are developing the exploitation / management of properties.

02. expertise

The continuous investment in improvements in the study and organization times of the construction, results in an even more impressive development of our profitability. The company also participates in the construction of urban and industrial projects, enabling us to develop the desired expertise.

03. human resources

Along with the results of real estate investments, the continuous flow of work brings stable human resources that lead to specialization & proper planning, improving efficiency and quality work.

04. collaborations

We invest time and effort in our relationships with our customers and partners. We respond with the best result in mind, always looking for the best solutions that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the constructions.